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Good stuff! I like Hot Rod Harry's. Didn't get to the Louisville Annual Street Rod Show this year. It's where 12,000 street rods gather at the International Expo Center. It's probably one of the biggest in the USA. 

All, great bridge! What's the scale of that model garage in the background? 

I did this on my new Elegoo Mars 3D LCD Mask Resin Printer. I'm still getting the hang of it, but getting closer. It's the first machine in the machine shop connected to my new engine house. When done it will be fully equipped. Some drawings are available on SketchUp's 3D Warehouse (with mods), but other's I'm having to draw from scratch.

EH MS 1st Machine

Some of the details are too frail in resin and I'm learning to modify the drawings so they'll have more heft. I'm also printing a batch of hand wheels separately and will put them on as a 2nd operation. They're so fragile that they break off when I'm using the flush cutters to remove all the supports. That's a real piece of drill rod in the chuck. I had to rebuild the chip pan because the cross-section was too thin to hold together. I used thin styrene to fix it. Next time I'll increase it in the drawing.

EH MS Big Lathe

The Machine changes the challenge from making to drawing. If I can draw it, I probably can grow it (with the limitations I noted above).


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