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Reply to "Sunset SD40-2's"

SPSF posted:
Daniel Raible posted:

Out of curiosity, do you know if the Sunset offering would be an accurate representation of the W&LE prototype?


I see those units periodically in Medina.  If I were to place a reservation it would likely be for one of those.

Since all 51 W&LE SD40-2 units are hand me downs from various Class I Railroads, it's not really feasible to make an "accurate" version as there would be 51 variances.

W&LE Roster

Not all units are unique. It would be easy to make some with ratcheting nose brakes and others with a brake wheel. That's about the biggest difference aside from fuel tanks (3,200 vs 4,000). The ditch lights and horns are all the same.

A W&LE SD40-2 would be no more difficult to make than any other railroad's version.

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