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luvindemtrains posted:
Rich Battista posted:

I just ordered a couple 2-rail Chessie SD40-2 from Sunset.  These are my very first true 2-rail engines.  I hope they get enough orders.  I've got time though, I'm planning to tear down the Black Diamond Railway and rebuild a new 2-rail layout with one 3-rail upper level.   I'm working on the layout design now.  


Are you demolishing the Black Diamond or are you going to sell it? If you are demolishing will you use most of the buildings, etc. on the new project? When do you think you will begin the project? The Black Diamond is such an inspiration to us 3-railers. 

I'm sure your new project will be just as inspirational and am glad you plan to document everything.


Dave, I would echo that comment, but would just add you don't have to be a 3-Rail guy to really appreciate the accomplishments that Rich and crew put into that railroad! 

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