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Reply to "Tall Buildings Tuesday"

I really appreciate your layout, Skip.

I always wanted to build a city complete with tall a young man I'd ride by bike through downtown Philly on my way to school and to work - riding through man-made canyons. That, and riding the subway and suburban trains through underground tunnels influenced me in some way.

To date I've only been able to kit-bash mostly Railking buildings, taking them apart, applying mortar effect, and detailing the lobbies, and then stacking two or more buildings together. Very time-consuming and many I've done at night in hotels while away on business trips. Someday, I'd like to be able to get the custom buildings like Skip has...the Chrysler Building is my all-time favorite. I wish MTH or Lionel would come out with unique tall buildings made out of plastic, even if it was a couple hundred bucks it'd be a winner IMO. Maybe even a Lego-type building system, where a hobbyist could use components to build a variety of structures.







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