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Reply to "Team Track & Transload Tuesday : 08-11-2020"

Thomas - thanks for getting us spotted onto the team track today!!  I LOVE your photo taken from inside a boxcar!!  Is it a real life photo or model?  Either way it's a GREAT shot!!  

My contribution today is titled " Refreshing Beverages and Summer Time Fun Food!"  

From the archives of TTT, I've created a chain of photos which depicts the title.  The first two show fresh 7 UP  being delivered via  team track one in Patsburg.  The next photos show ice cream delivery.  Of course mixing 7 up and ice cream will give us a tasty 7 Up float  Photos 5&6 shows a big pot of Chesapeake Bay crabs as delivered via the team track and a B&O Express Reffer.  Photos 7,8,9 - Crabs and Beer .... yyyyuuuuuum!!!   Have a wonderful week everyone!  Be safe = Be healthyfullsizeoutput_3b6IMG_2767IMG_2896IMG_2902IMG_1680IMG_1682IMG_1687IMG_1961IMG_1965


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