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Amazing layout - and in such a rare scale. I've seen a few Om sets at York from other Swiss meter gauge railroads, but those were plastic, not brass.  As much as I like my g gauge rhb trains, it's obvious that the scale realism achieved in Om enviable - just not the price.  I hear Bemo is entering the Om market with some plastic rhb offerings, so maybe this will help broaden the appeal of the scale.  Anyways, these models and the layout are works of art. Thank you for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed..


Yes Bemo did enter the Om market...


Did bought the first car that they released at the end of 2012..posted some pictures of it back then


They are moving at a very snail/ cautiotius speed, end of 2013 they released the Lb-v container car with refrigerated container, a few months later with a postal container.

A second serie of the 1st GBK-v boxcar, in different scheme was also released.


They also came to their sense with the tracks systems, instead of developping their own as 1st announced, they now distributing the Ferro-Suisse system which is an excellent tracks and available in either wooden or concrete ties (simulated)..maybe they may make some tracks pieces who are not available from Ferro-Suisse.


They have now announced the Kk-w car...a low wall gondola, can be transformed into a flat car.


As for motive power, the shunting tractor Tm 2/2 is still in pre-production...maybe an end of the year release is still possible.

For their engine they have also chosen to offer them in either conventional or with DCC/ Sounds equiped and also in either fine scale gauge at 22.2mm or the Fama/ Utz/ Alpinline gauge at 22.5 mm.


For the cars wheelsets can be easily swapped to the Fama gauge, guess not so on engine.


After that supposely a Ge 4/4 II should see development, but that can take another couple of years !!!!


Good news is that so far all offering are selling extremely well, most are sold out.

 As for pricing so far the average for a car is about us$ 200.- and the Tm 2/2 should retail for about us$ 700.- (digital version), so yes that's a huge difference with the brass models.

Will hope that's they do announce passengers car as well for the future.


Pre-production model of the Tm 2/2 with one of the new GBK-v boxcar.


Bemo Tm 2-2 PP


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