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Reply to "The Best Scale Automobiles"

Like some of my fellow Forum members, I find inexpensive autos can make very satisfactory additions to your layout.  I like to improve the appearance of these autos by detailing them with paint.

I’m attaching photos of two Road Signature models as examples.  The 57 Corvette’s interior was all white; I found a complimentary blue paint to add color to the seat cushions and floor.  Black paint was used in the steering wheel rim, white on the shift knob and silver to highlight the instruments and controls.  A dab of red paint on the all “chrome” taillights created lenses.

The chrome pieces on the side of the 48 Ford Woody were the same color as the car.  I painted the door handles, chrome fender trim and mud guards silver.

if you look closely you can see my hand isn’t as steady as it used to be and silver paint doesn’t look as good as simulated chrome.  Once on the layout, however, it’s hard to tell these detailed autos from their more expensive cousins.




Images (3)
  • FA32CAC7-CB63-4853-A59B-97E93011CDC8
  • AEA23C33-3AF9-45A1-98DF-010BE8C5D9AA
  • 810B810D-9C67-4DEB-9529-0E431F735896
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