The DCS WiFi Companion 2nd Edition is Now Available!!

I am pleased to announce that, effective immediately, The DCS WiFi Companion 2nd Edition is available!

This newly updated and expanded, 242-page, four-color guide discusses, in detail, how to implement complete WiFi control of DCS on new and existing layouts. It contains more than 100 pictures and illustrations that educate the reader on the basic and advanced, features and functions of DCS from the point of view of the Premium version of the DCS App for smart phones and tablets.

In addition to an introduction to DCS and command control in general, the book includes:

  • Capabilities and use of the Premium version of the DCS App.
  • Implementation of DCS WiFi on new or existing layouts via standalone or home network access.
  • Setup, installation, operation, and software updating of the Wireless Interface Unit (WIU).
  • Expanded coverage of troubleshooting and DCS App operation.

The 2nd edition book has completely new sections and Appendices devoted to:

  • Installation and operation of MTH's new DCS Explorer.
  • Adding Lionel® Legacy and TMCC, LCS components to seamlessly operate those command control locomotives.
  • Installation of the DCS Application on a Kindle device.
  • How to simulate Z4K Tracks.

The new book has additional discussions regarding:

  • Controlling the Lionel® TMCC Crane Car with the DCS Application.
  • Adding duplicate engines to the DCS Application.
  • Differences between Android and iOS versions of DCS Application screens.
  • Moving lashups, and TMCC and Legacy engines between the Inactive and Active Engine Lists.
  • New information regarding Import and Export.
  • Additional troubleshooting WiFi connectivity and PS2 engine battery issues.
  • How to update the WIU’s firmware using an iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet.
  • ...and much more!

You can purchase the new printed book from many fine OGR sponsors, and also directly from MTH as either an eBook or a printed book.

I hope that you enjoy reading The DCS WiFi Companion 2nd Edition as much as I enjoyed writing it!

DCS Book Cover

Everything that you need to know about DCS WiFi is all in MTH’s “The DCS WiFi Companion 2nd Edition!"

This book is available from many fine OGR advertisers and forum sponsors, or as an eBook or a printed book at MTH's web store!



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