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Just to for fun to play devils advocate on a few points below (please don't take offense just trying to share thoughts).
Originally Posted by Scrapiron Scher:


Here is yet another reason why the Ipad app is simply not practical for layouts larger than 12' x 16'. In addition to the issue of controlling switches and loco functions at the same time is the issue of layout size, complexity, type of track, radius of curves, and age. For a layout like mine (roughly 20' x 30') and largely finished and using Atlas O track, the installation of infrared detectors is not realistic. Using DCS to control my switches requires only four TIU's and the handheld. Since installation, it has worked flawlessly.


This makes sense as far as operating switches goes, and not wanting to install sensor tracks, but I feel this hobby often requires removing and changing our layouts for new peices of hardware, whether they be accessories or track, but I must admit pulling track is more work than pulling trees


This being said, who will go for the Ipad approach to command control with Legacy?

New operators laying Fasttrack? Certainly not folks under the age of 20. They will not have the resources to pour into locos, Cab-2's and Ipads. Large layouts like mine, even if outfitted with the app would need five or six Ipads.


I agree and disagree on this one, many under 20 somethings probably already have an iPad and look forward to using it with their hobby of trains.  Also, why would I need 6 iPads for a large layout, it is wireless, I carry it with me no different than the DCS or Legacy remote.  I might want 6 or so "cradles" around my layout were I would like to set my iPad for use.  


As far as not having resources, I agree that many under 20 something's wont have money for a bunch of high end stuff but this app doesn't require a bunch of high end stuff, it can be used with conventional layouts as well (i thought i read that above anyways) so the iPad can stay with them as their layout grows.


Also, as far as resources go, I know you want more high end locos with more features those cost money under 20 something's don't have too


Where would they be located? Perhas on the opposite side of the layout from where I am standing? In the middle aisle to control the yard? 


Older operators (40 and up) not into the techie stuff with their track down will not want to

retrofit for the purpose of moving into detectors and Ipads. Sure, some will, but the vast majority will not. I do not need a detector to blow my whistle as the train passes a road. That is what my Cab-2 is for. I want to blow the whistle.


I certainly do not want to have to buy four or five Ipads.


Try telling your wife that the four or five Ipads you are buying will not be available to her when she wants to book a trip to Hawaii because they're down in the train room. Hysterical !!!


I'm not undrstanding why so many iPads are needed?  same as before, it is wireless and designed to be like a switch board.  So I guess if you built several switch boards for your layout then maybe you would want several ipads.  The wife might go for 2 if she gets to keep one for use


Why do I go off of this issue? Obviously, these comments are very "rant like." The answer is two fold. 1) I want Lionel's resources directed to where they will benefit operators like myself. I want whistle steam vision locos. Regardless of the Lionel comments, we all know that companies have limited resources. Pouring resources into this disregards the majority of operators, IMHO.


I want more of this too, but I still want the iPad app


2) I am pretty tired of the "app" thing. Thousands of apps abound that really don't do much to improve the quality of life. Mostly, they take what we do already, and switch it to an Ipad. I cannot smoke a cigar on an Ipad.


you might be able to use one to light it though, I've seen some charger issues on the news!


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