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Originally Posted by Carl_Heinz:
My layout is 18 x 30 ft with roughly 250 ft of track and 26 switches. I use TPC 400's to regulate power and SC-2's to control the switches. I've been using an iPad for several years, so I'm familiar with the various hand gestures used to zoom the display on an app. I've just downloaded the app but have done nothing more than review the info and have watched the YouTube presentations from Lionel and LCCA. So, questions: 1. Is the layout display going to be scaleable, or am I going to create my layout display in segments? 2. Will I be able to enter my engine roster from my CAB-2, or will I have to separately enter it into the LCS? 3. I assume this new system will be compatible with the TPC's and SC-2's. Correct? 4. Given age and mobility factors, York isn't really an option. Will there be an LA area presentation?

First I would like to comment that the iPad LCS app is a product that can be upgraded, with a new upgrade controlling accessories due by the time the WiFi module is shipping; and we will improve the functionality as time passes.  We have limited resources, and a good start.  Also, all folks can really do right now with the LCS app is build track plans on the screens, when the WiFi hardware is available, the complexion of the use will change.  Track entry is only a very minor, but necessary, step in using the LCS app.



1) For now, model sections of the layout, just as you would do in physical control panels.   Simply scroll left to right to cover various sections of your layout that you are actively controlling.  By modeling sections of your layout, your level of detail will be greater, and easier to operate.  Especially when you are controlling accessories.


2) The engine roster is pulled in from the Legacy base.  Edits in the iPad LCS app will update the Legacy Base upon request.


3) Absolutely.


4) I would like to work with the clubs in various metropolitan areas  San Diego has a club that seems like a good fit.  I have not had time to reach out to them, but plan to shortly.



Relative to resources, we weigh the different projects and the costs.  We have not allocated a lot of resource (cash) to the iPad LCS app.   The growth of the product is there, and like any user interface, is tedious to develop.   Much of the work was done off hours by folks on my team.  The LCS app is not for everybody, and that is OK.  It is a bad assumption to believe that the iPad app is taking away from our loco feature development - simply not the case.


Locomotive features are driven by marketing and ROI (tooling costs).  Just as the iPad app is not for everyone, not every loco will please every persons expectation.  A balance must be struck, sounds, smoke, lighting, road names, etc are but part of the complexity we face to bring you products.  We hope you enjoy the final deliverable, and we strive to listen.


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