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Originally Posted by Carl_Heinz:
Switch settings being retained by the app after initial setup should resolve the issue of a need to sense position at the switch level.
JZ >>We can do this, and allow configuring this feature setting on/off as desired if we extend the function to force an initial "route" setting to sync everything on the layout.
If possible, I think it would be nice if the Legacy base could capture setting changes made using the CAB-2, and relay them to the app.
JZ >> This works now.  If you fire the switch from a cab- the LCS app shows the change.  Additionally, if you change the speed on the cab- the LCS app shows this as well.  The cab2 bar graph updates when you change the speed on the LCS app.  The devices all interact with each other i the network.
I'd still like to see a layout expand/contract function using a pinch hand gesture which is found in a number of other apps.
JZ >> I am investigating this, maybe it will be deferred until 2 revs from now, but worth investigating.
As an aside, I was a senior programmer/analyst for around thirty years prior to my retirement. But, that experience was in mid-range computers, so I've no background in coding apps. Still have good analyst skills, though.
JZ>> Your insights are very helpful.
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