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Is this how the software was meant to work?


Screen shots from LCS app:


west end of layout

Cross over




East End of layout:

East End of layout

Meanwhile, this is a logical block wiring diagram:

Block Wiring

And this is an actual diagram of the layout (which only exists on paper at this point in time)

track plan

This software was intended to build a "virtual" control panel to control trains/layout?


You only "draw" things that require or you desire to control?


You "jump" from screen to screen by using the iPad "finger swipe" technique?


Is there any way that a set of thumbnails for the "other" screens, aka the ones you aren't looking at can be included (like on the photo album app) or a way to add "buttons" that would allow a direct transfer from the screen you are looking at to one of the other screens?


The track sensor can only read the IR signal from the Legacy locomotives?  Is there any thought to having active sensors like a bar code reader that would allow you to read anything that was running on the track.  These wouldn't have to have the programming capabilities that the one demo'd at the open house.  One issue I see with the current sensor is that it only works when the loco goes over it.  If you have a long train backing up on long section of track the sensor won't engage until the loco hits it?  It might be useful to know where the entire train is instead of just the loco?


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