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Originally Posted by gunrunnerjohn:

One issue is the non-derailing function of the Fastrack switches, that won't be reflected in the layout map on the LCS from what I'm seeing.


I think that is being thought about...

from the LCS meet thread from Jon...


"I looked at the video, and it seems my response to question #8 not understood. 


The answer I gave was directed specifically to the question of an insulated rail detection; I just embellished the response that the insulated rail section detector could also provide feedback to the LCS system for switch (turnout) position.


Currently, if you throw a switch from a non-derail even, the iPad LCS app has no way to update the screen to match the actual switch position.  We will design a module this year to sense the position of the Fastrack Switch, along and the Atlas Non-Derail module, to report back the direction the switch is thrown.


The new sensor module will also be able to support insulated rail detection.  We can have the iPad report occupancy with this information.  Obviously without IR, not much else will be reported.



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