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Reply to "The new FlyerChief EP-5"

@richs09 posted:

I've always wondered about the interest in (and sometimes confusion about) the EP-5.

Occasionally someone will conflate a Little Joe (EP-4) with an EP-5.

Only two of the twelve Milwaukee Road Joe's were EP-4's, the rest were EF-4's...

Anyhow, it was Lionel/MPC that hung the name "Little Joe" on the EP-5 on the re-release of the locomotive in the 70's.

My theory as to the popularity of the EP-5:

1) Snappy graphics.  The McGinnis paint scheme was a bold departure from the New Haven's Hunter Green and Gold.  Even in Lionel and Gilbert Postwar catalogs, the EP-5 literally jumps off the page.

2) It's a compete thought.  The EP-5 looks like two (almost Alco FA) locomotives back-to-back, giving the impression you've got more locomotives pulling a train than you actually do.

3) It's just plain cool.

Well, Great Northern and Milwaukee Road both had significant electrification, and frankly the EP-5 looks good in those paint jobs.  It's not the first time a company has stretched the truth.  MTH, K-Line and Williams both offered their O gauge EP-5's in non-prototypical roadnames.  In contrast, back in the late 50's Penn Line offered their HO GG1's in New Haven and Great Northern.

Personally, I'd like to see the Flyer EP-5 offered painted up in Chicago, South Shore and South Bend.


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