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Reply to "The Race Of The Century"

@NYC Fan I appreciate your explanation on the correct directions the West Painting apparently is depicting.  

But, appears this artist was more interested in painting what the Title portrays, the Steel and the Thunder.  

Possibly, West loved the huge swing bridge in his background rather than opposing direction.  At least he was in the vicinity of the location of the “race “.

I’m particularly taken by the story of the race happening on each scheduled run.
No internet available the last two days thanks to Suddenlink! Otherwise I would enjoy investigating the race near Chicago. As well as the artist, West.

And @Apples55 I have enjoyed your race to the Poconos tonight. I find I am amazed on the number of platforms available for your passengers.  Great design and much fun in the future.  Your engines are great as well.  I like the silver fleet of passengers cars as well.

I just came in from my train room.
I’m painting, not a picture but two buildings for my hometown.  No race involved but the two buildings were located on Railroad Street. One the local Peoples bank, the local post office the second.

Thanks again Skip an Paul 😊

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