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Reply to "The Race Of The Century"

Correct.  It is the 3768 which was displayed at the 1939/40 Worlds Fair.  Streamlined by Raymond Loewy.

S Scale model shown:

PRR 4-6-2 3768 SF

While at the Fair the 3768 was painted a bronze color.  After returning to service, it was repainted DLGE.  The 3768 eventuality lost its streamlining and went to scrap in 1953.


Well that explains the bronze colored ones I've seen modeled. Always wonder what that was about. Thanks Rusty.

@clem k posted:

If you want to see the Race..there is a video.   Herron Rail Video...reflections of the New York Central.  Video shot from the Broadway Ltd. ,  looking at a Niagara coming up fast !!

I'll have to check that out Clem.

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