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Reply to "The Season's Upon Us..."

Great topic for everybody. Our first "floor layout" under the Christmas tree was in 1972 when our 2 boys were 3.5 and 2. It was a simple affair- cheap rolling stock and engine- but it was great fun for all of us!  We ended up with 6 kids- 3 boys and 3 girls. That oldest son just turned 51. It's OK for girls to like trains..."boys toys are more fun than girls toys" as the  grandaughters remind us...

It has evolved over the years into a more elaborate setting.  My favorite currently is Harry Potter set with additional cars and detailing- the sounds, the chuff, the smoke, the movie clips (with British accents) are magic.. The layout is 72" radius, the remote is easy for the grandchildren and guests to use- everybody gets a chance to run something. On occasion, the Santa Fe 2343 F-3 ABA "growler" comes out with Williams Crown Edition red stripe plated passenger cars ( the best ever made IMO), or the 736 Berkshire with scale tender and air whistle and the smell of ozone...ah the memories. Still magic !

Here is a few pics to enjoy.


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