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Reply to "The Season's Upon Us..."

Thank you @BillYo414, @Mark Boyce, @tumbleweed56 for the compliments. Space was the reason for building this display. We used to use the nook in the back of our living room for the Christmas layout. Then our daughter arrived in 2018 and I lost my overflow space for the furniture.


I saw the @Bill Henning Trains IN the Tree layout and thought something like that would be perfect for the corner. But I wanted a separate train for each level.

Each level is its own table with a frame. The legs are 1’ tall and are positioned such that the weight is carried through the middle to the floor. The frames and legs get more substantial the closer you get to the floor. Then I covered each level with felt to hide the inner workings. There is O54 on the floor, then O48, O45, O42, and O36.
Power was a concern given that there are over 40 Dept 56 buildings on there and 5 trains. All the lighting is LED and is fed from a 12VDC 100watt Melcher brick. There are terminal blocks on each level to plug into the 12VDC bus.

The ZW powers the conventional tracks but I have them tied to a small RF remote that my daughter can use to switch on/off her train. Although she learned the Cab 1L very quickly. A Lionel 180watt brick powers the command tracks.


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