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Reply to "Time for 3rd rail to do PRR/SRR #1223"

@GG1 4877 posted:

Two reasons:

  1. Production costs on brass locomotives are peaking currently.  See Lionel's hybrid prices as an indicator.
  2. It is just difficult to get 75 O scalers to agree on anything from Sunset / 3rd Rail.  I haven't seen a locomotive project in many years that had that kind of consensus.  Unlike diesels where multiple units are common, steam is typically a one and done affair.

I wish it was otherwise, but will anyone be willing to pay around $2000 for a scale D16?  While we say it over and over, there is not much of a cost savings based on size of the locomotive and we always fight the perceived notion that bigger is more expensive when regardless of size, price is about the same.

I have no insider knowledge on Lionel's hybrid locomotive production numbers, but I suspect they are not as high as some might think.  From a manufacturer's standpoint, brass is designed for low production numbers in the 100 range. Tooling for die-cast has to be in the 500-1000 range to pencil out remotely.

Thank you for explaining!

I never really considered how maximum quantities could play a role, I always thought more orders was better.

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