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TIU problem

I have a TIU rev H1 that has developed the following problem.

You press a button on the remote and the engine will respond from now to not at all.

Most of the time its between 1 to 3 second delay.


I bought a new TIU REV L and this is not happening.  The engine responds promptly.

So I know its a TIU problem.   

When this problem started I was running two engines, one with MTH passengers cars with light bulbs.

The problem occurred instantly.  One moment the engines respond promptly.   The next everything is delayed.   Something happened.



I even verified on an oscilloscope that indeed there is a delay between the time  you press a remote button and the time the signal gets sent to the track.

The signal level to the track is good and the signal is good,   The engines always responds if a signal in sent out.  It's just delayed or never happens.

I have tried all the factory resets , tethering the remote.  All TIU channels have the same problem.   Nothing has fixed the problem.


Does anyone have a clue as to what component in the TIU has failed to cause this and why?






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