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TIU was working fine - now it’s not

To start off this narrative, my TIU and DCS were working perfectly before I foolishly removed it to test my son’s new TIU on my layout to see if it would work with my wiring.  It didn’t.  I hooked my TIU back up and now I’m apparently not getting a signal to the track.

I am getting power to the track via the TIU as conventional engines run just fine through both the fixed 1 and 2 outlets.  I do not appear to be getting a DCS signal though, as regardless what MTH engine I put on the track, I get “no engine found”.

I have confirmed the remote is reading the TIU properly; the TIU address is correctly showing as TIU 1 in my remote and the LED on the TIU blinks only once when power is applied. I’ve confirmed DCS version 6.10 on both the remote and the TIU.

I’ve tried resetting the remote and a factory reset on the TIU then did another read from the remote, confirmed TIU 1, single blink and still “no engine found”.

It can’t be a blown fuse in the TIU or I wouldn’t be getting track power.  It can’t be a wiring issue as it was working perfectly before I did the temporary swap out. The wiring from my Z4000 to the fixed inputs is labeled as it my wiring from the fixed outputs to the track so; I know I haven’t reversed anything there.

I am at a loss here.  What am I overlooking?  All suggestions are welcome.


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