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track paints & a possible ballast source, your input invited.

Since my window-of-opportunity to spray paint track outside in Central PA is coming to a close, I want to decide on a spray paint color soon.  As someone here pointed out, color looks different inside -on the layout - vs. outdoors.  So using my local ex-PRR track as a desired "goal" (see photo) I tried 2 different colors, Rustoleum Camo Brown (#1918 Earth Brown) & Rustoleum Red auto primer (#2067830)IMG_1025 [1)IMG_1051IMG_1052The red primer looked too red outside, but inside in my basement lighting I thought it looked pretty good.  My "ballast" was free & it may be too coarse for O-scale.  It is a poultry feed additive called Calcium Chips. I'm still considering it.IMG_1053IMG_1054


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