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Reply to "Train Artwork In Magazines"

@PRR1950 posted:

My 2 cents, but this will probably cost you a lot more.  Find a shop that will scan your artwork, clean up the staple holes (simple photo-shopping) and then print to a nice firm surface in the size you want.  Then frame and hang the result.

Scanning at high res and then retouching the defects in the artwork is the way to go. I have done this hundreds of times for various publications over the years. I would be glad to help. If you can do the scans, I can do the retouching. But before you scan anything, read my "primer" below.
@bob2 posted:

It really isn't that expensive.  Have them blow it up to O Scale - 133%.

This is not exactly correct. There are no hard and fast percentages that you can use when scanning artwork. It all depends on the size of the original art you are scanning and the size of the finished print you want to end up with.
Here's a little primer on how to size digital images.
  • To print a high quality digital image, the image resolution should be set to 300 dpi. All this does is tell the printer to lay down 300 dots per inch on the printed page.
  • The final size of the printed image is determined by how many pixels are in the image. For example:
    3,000 pixels horizontally equals a 10-inch wide image @ 300 dots per inch.
    6,000 pixels horizontally equals a 20-inch wide image @ 300 dots per inch.
    9,000 pixels horizontally equals a 30-inch wide image @ 300 dots per inch.

  • If you want to print an image at 11" x 14" at 300 dpi, your images must be at or close to 3,300 pixels by 4,200 pixels. This is a 35-40 megabyte tif file.
  • If you want to print an image at 18" x 24" at 300 dpi, your images must be at or close to 5,400 pixels by 7,200 pixels. This is a 110 megabyte tif file.

As you can see, images suitable for good, high-resolution printing can get very large!

, if you want to try this, I'll set you up with a link to my DropBox account so you can upload some scans. These images are too large to send as email attachments.

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