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Reply to "Train cars"

Hi Trainfam,

I have a passenger set with a #38 loco, “Mfg. Co”, vents in end doors, pedestal headlight... c. 1916-17.

Maroon with gold window trim.

The passenger set was Catalog Outfit #40, and included (2) #35 Pullman coaches, and (1) #36 Observation car. My cars are also maroon, to match the loco.

There was also a cataloged freight set with a #38 loco.  I would have to look up the specific cars.

 I do not know if the black loco suggests that would have belonged with a freight set... I am not aware of 30-series passenger coaches in black.

Your "new" 38 is very nice, by the way!  

Fran McM.

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