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Thank you for the info Fran. I will leave the name of the post alone so it is easier for you to find the post. Unfortunately, I do not know the history of this engine. It was purchased on eBay, most likely not from the original owner or any family members of the original owner of the 38. So I really don’t know any history of it. I feel as if I have seen one of these engines with the thumb nut before?.... (however it could have possibly been a 38 in a different color, or not even a 38 at all) however know that there is no wire leading to the screw Where the thumb nut is, also there is no wires in the motor that are not connected to something like it was disconnected from the screw. Additionally there are no solder joint, which would seem to indicate a wire being disconnected from the motor. Strange. Anyhow here are the pictures, the first two pictures are of the reverse switch:


And the pickup plate:





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