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@RRDOC posted:

For me, rescuing and restoring a junker is one of the most satisfying parts of the hobby.  I model 3R Scale, but the beauty of tinplate has its own appeal.  Here is a 259E that I restored in Milwaukee colors.  The steps are pretty basic and no airbrush required:  Strip the old paint, steel wool, prime, bake, paint, bake.  Polish the copper and brass with a Dremel, assemble, clear coat, bake.  Paints are Train Enamel rattle cans from Charles Wood and Krylon.  The "oven" is a cardboard box (safety note -  I never set it to bake and walk away.  It does not get too hot, but you never know . . .)


IMG_32982020-02-15 19.36.07

2020-02-29 21.47.19

Hello Bob,

Very nicely done as the finished project looks great.

For your baking process, what wattage bulbs are you using and typically how long do you bake the painted items?


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