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First of all, my Thanks to all the voices who sent me "Likes" and posted comments for the several photos I have posted so far along this thread: Rusty Kamel; Briansilvermustang; p51; AZGARY; Ted W; Zeke; trumptrain; delwoodjef; PRRronbh; N5CJonny; Trussman; Lou N; RSJB18; Engineer Joe; albertstrains; gandydancer1950; Mayor Magoo; Tom Densel; varodder; Diverging Clear; c.sam; Bridgeboss Jim;

Approval from ones peers matters.

Thank you, again.


Secondly, for today, here are a few more close-up looks into different neighborhoods (something my wife says she likes about the layout - its identifiably different neighborhoods)....


photo [2)



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