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Reply to "TRAIN THEME THURSDAY : close up shots around the layout......"

Moonson posted:
PRRronbh posted:

Secondly, for today, here are a few more close-up looks into different neighborhoods (something my wife says she likes about the layout - its identifiably different neighborhoods)...

Frank, how big is your layout?


Ron, Here are a few photos to provide a perspective on the whole layout, approximately. I wouldn't say it was "big" but it does angle its way around the basement, under a good-sized portion of the house...

Here is the first section one sees when hitting the foot of the stairs from the first floor...


Then, walking along the viewing aisle, on the right of the layout, with those louvered doors on the right, is this portion...

photo 2vvv [2)


...then this RR service yard..

photo 2 [2)

...and this neighborhood...IMG_9792x

...then the rear section...


...with its valley and Second and Third Levels..IMG_0863edx

photo 2_edited-3

Turn around that pole and you see this on your right..

connection betwix oldand new rooms

...and this transitional section, leading into the newer section....


...and this control inset behind you...IMG_8608

...and then this newest section (approx. 20'Lx8'W,) which had been excised from the more than ample 2-car in-ground garage and.. .....added to the trainroom...IMG_0852

Can you make out the level designations and measurements on the diagram? It is missing the section off to the right (seen above)that was added  later....Moon Twp trax

I think the layout is, overall, between 360 - 400 sq ft.




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