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Moonson posted:

Though it's Sunday, let me take this moment to say Thank you to all the forum voices who sent me "Likes" (on 11/61; 11/30; 12/14) for my postings of photos on Thursday theme:

Bobby D; trainsrob; gandydancer1950; va rodder; briansilvermustang; Trussman; PRRronbh; AZGary; RSJB18; Tom Dansel; chessie1971; c. sam; trumptrain; Boo Man; JohnnieWalker; luvindemtrains; bigtruckpete; lea;pinlarry; Zeke; Diverging Clear; CAPPilot; delwoodjef; CNJ#1601; Mayor Magoo; LaramieJoe; p51; Garrett76; strangtrain;

And for their comments, I Thank:  gandydancer1950; Diverging Clear; Zeke; leapinlarry; LaramieJoe.

I'm gratified you liked what you saw.


Merry Christmas Frank!

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