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Reply to "TRAIN THEME THURSDAY : close up shots around the layout......"

Firstly , my sincere Thanks to these Forum voices who sent me Likes for my posting on this thread for 9/13/18, "In this working man's part of town" : Briansilvermustang; PRRronbh; Steamer; Gandydancer1950; p51; lee drennen; Trussman; Arnold D. Cribari; Fred Lundgren; Fridge56Vet; Guitarmike; c. sam.

Secondly, here is a busy neighborhood in Moon Township, for today...IMG_8985 [2)

IMG_8985 [3)

(Maybe I should have weathered that yellow truck,  but I wonder, sometimes, if absolutely everything in town has to be grubby, worn, and not-new [!!!!]….. Sometimes, I just do not know. Feedback welcome.)       FrankM


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  • IMG_8985 (2)
  • IMG_8985 (3)
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