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Reply to "Trainstock 12 at the NJ HiRailers Saturday Jan 18 2020"

bluelinec4 posted:

green 12

Hello Everybody

I have been getting alot of inquiries for this years OGR Forum Meeting at the NJ HiRailers club in PAterson NJ.  For those that have never heard the term before its a day of Peace and Trains with some pretty good food. The date will be Saturday January 18,2020.  Start time is 10 am and the stop time is whenever anybody wants to leave.  This party is open to all OGR forum members and their family and friends. We charge $7.00 an adult person just to cover some of the cost of the food.  We have a pretty good time and anybody can bring their trains to run on our layout.  Just let me know how many are coming in your party and I will make sure we have enough food and drink for you  The Address is 185 6th Ave Paterson  NJ 07524 3rd floor  


We will be raffling off a number of cars at the event. 


BTW the NY City subway heard this is our 12 year of doing this and had a special number 12 train run down the rails 



Hi Ben,

There is an important question I have, and it looks like now is a good time as any to bring it up.

As a good deal of people know and brought up recently, there is bad weather predicted to hit for Saturday.  How soon will the word be announced if Trainstock will be postponed to another date or (dare I say it) cancelled?

Would be great if it was postponed but would be a shame if was cancelled completely for this year.

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