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Reply to "Trainstock 12 at the NJ HiRailers Saturday Jan 18 2020"

LeighL posted:

Hello everyone brand new member and 1st post Woo Hoo .

I am definitely going to try and make the Trainstock event and wondered if this is more an "adult" event or is it kid friendly like last week's show?  I made it out to the HiRailers HQ w my 3 year old in the back all ready to further his burgeoning interest in the hobby but he FELL ASLEEP on the way and I couldn't get him up so that was unfortunately a bust.

I've enjoyed lurking on the site for a while now and am excited to be a full fledged member as I rediscover a lost love of my childhood that's been dormant for many many years (and BOY how the hobby has changed).

I look forward to hopefully meeting many of you tomorrow.


Welcome to the forum!  It's the best online resource to discuss the hobby!

Expanding on what Kevin stated earlier, about 99% of the attendees of our public shows are families with young kids.   For Trainstock it's almost the opposite as 95% of the attendees are adult hobbyists. 

If you click on the link below my signature, we have photo albums on our website of past Trainstocks.   These will give you an idea of the "feel" of Trainstock versus a public show.    As Kevin stated, kids are always welcome as they are the future of our hobby!  I hope to meet you tomorrow.


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