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My understanding is that as long as you stay away from the CW80 and a couple of MRC transformers, you shouldn't have any problem.

Most people think they have to get a newer model transformer. As I'm planning on going to digital this year, I'm messing around with upgrading my old Z. The Z has almost as much power as the older ZW's (250W vs 275W). Once I get things spec'd out and tested, I'll do a post on it. Some of the info I got from people telling me about modifications, the others I couldn't find much info on. So if anyone wants to PM me some links or info, I'd be grateful.

I'm also going to dig out my old tektronix o'scope and do some signal analysis as I'm curious about a couple of things. it's been sitting for so long though, I'm hoping it still works.

Upgrades in mind so far:
Voltage limiting diode on the output to prevent spikes. On order, haven't got here yet.
Thermal circuit breaker sized to trip on a short but hang in under 6 amps. These are mini button breakers and the idea is to mount it inside the transformer casing. So far the 10 and 15 amp I tried will not trip. Have a 5 and 7 amp on the way.

If I can't get reliable operation out of the thermals, will look for a fast acting. Already tried an in line fuse but 10 amp blows too easily on an RW and 15 doesn't blow. The idea for using the thermals is if something develops causing a current draw that's not expected, it will trip before a fire starts, yet the breaker will allow for smaller fast surges that will blow a fuse. (The fire is something I read about that happened recently to an O gauger, a current draw that didn't trip the old lionel CB on the transformer was still enough to melt layout wiring insulation due to heat and start a fire). The rating would be easier to figure out if my DMM did AC & DC current, instead of only DC current .

Also ready to convert a 167 Whistle controller to a solid state 6 amp diode. Will be curious if it changes the voltage drop. With the diode disc, there's a 3.2 to 3.5V drop across the controller terminals. This is not an issue in conventional for the Z because you can crank it up to almost 24V, so even with the voltage drop, you can easily hit 18V to19V no load at the high end. But I'm curious if I'll see a change in the drop with the new diode.

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