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Reply to "Christmas Tree Lot"

Thanks RickO.

prrhorseshoecurve thanks for the lighting suggestion. I'm already squared away with the led lighting from Evan Designs.

Finished making the tree racks. Had room for just two of them on the small lot space I'm limiting this to. Painted them a flat brown. Will "frost" them later with some white airbrushing to mimic snow. Here they are placed on the now white painted base. Also, found a larger 3" size pine tree I already had, which will make a good 12 scale foot advertising tree to put by the lot entrance. Fitted it with a 12-light led string from Evan Designs.


Started on the steel drums that'll be used to burn the tree scraps, the shovels and the figure that came with the barrel shed kit. The shovels are painted with Testors flat steel, with flat brown handles. The barrel shed figure came with a typical railroader hat, so I filed that down to look more like a generic cloth hat, then painted him. Since the barrels are going to be lit from the inside with flickering leds, I had to give them several coats of flat black paint to prevent the light bleeding through the barrels. Started dry-brushing some black, rust and soot paints on the barrels to weather them.



Picked up some of these red flickering leds from Evan Designs. These are to create the red fire glow inside the barrels. Here they are by themselves.

Drilled small holes in the base of the barrels and fitted these leds into them. Here they are in operation. I have some leftover Halloween spider web wool that I'll airbrush red and insert into the barrels to mask the direct view of the leds somewhat.

Still more to come.



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