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Reply to "Christmas Tree Lot"

Rich, John, richabr and NeophyteMRR, thanks for your replies and really glad you guys like following along this project.

Worked more on the lot base, mostly airbrushing on various layers of colors, soot, tree needles, snow and Dullcoat trying to make it look what an open Christmas tree lot in December in a northern city would look like. I've watched / read how great modelers on this forum (SIRT/Steve, Rich Battista, Neal Schorr, Norm Charbonneau and many, many others) do a seamless job of blending in colors and shades on their projects. I'm still on the airbrushing learning curve and had to re-do a few spots when it just didn't look right when the structures were put back on the base temporarily. Like snow / frost would not be near the hot burning drums.

First needed to locate where the light poles, the large, front display tree and the bound tree storage area by the shed would be to refine the foot traffic paths. As mentioned above, the light poles were made from 1/8" dowel rod cut to 3.25" inches to make a 13 scale foot pole. Painted them flat dark brown. Since I'm going to use the 26 led light string from Evan Designs for the lot, I had to move around the pole locations a few times so a light on the string did not line up on top of a pole (measure twice-cut once). Once that was settled, drilled 1/8" holes in the base for the poles. Also drilled a hole to feed through the 12 led light string that'll be for the front display tree - shown below on the right.


As a tree lot would have pine needles all over the place, especially under the tree racks and by the trunk trimming platform, I poured out of the tree bag some of the residue that flaked off the trees. This will be sprinkled on the base where appropriate and sealed on with Dullcoat.


Here are a couple photos of the progress painting soot around the burning drums, light and dark soil colors where walking would be concentrated, and began sprinkling some tree needles around the lot. On top of all that, started hitting some areas with white where snow would not be disturbed very much.



Realized I needed to frost up the worker's shed some too, which would have snow and slush on it around the base to blend into the ground surface. Also, as the workers would be walking into the shed from the snow covered lot, snowy boot tracks were needed leading to the door. Did this by dry-brushing some flat white on the wood deck.



Wrapping up the shed, I glued the burning drum into place (the red flickering led is inside it), one of the two shovels, some of the tree needles around the drum and added a few pieces of real wood trimmings from an outside bush, cut to look like tree scraps and branches. Added some more snow foot prints over to the drum and glued on the Arttista figure mentioned above, who's warming up by the burning trash drum.



Next steps are to finish painting the lot base and then start adding on all the other parts; light poles, tree racks, other burning drum, etc.



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