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Reply to "Christmas Tree Lot"

@NYC2UP posted:

Dave, Bill & Peter, thank you.

Started on the tree lot base, which I had already painted flat white for a general snow cover. Since this space is supposed to be an empty lot, covered by dirt, grass, gravel, etc., it'll get pretty slushy and muddy where all the people are walking in and around the tree racks to buy their tree. Positioned on the base where I wanted the two tree racks, the shed and a small tree display stand I made up that the sellers commonly do so the frozen, bound trees can be opened up and the buyers can see what they look like.

Started airbrushing with soft dirt color a general path around these items where people would be walking. Concentrated a little more where I plan to make the entrance to the lot. Hit this path again in several spots with a darker fertile soil color where the foot traffic will be especially heavy, like the lot entrance, by the shed door and onto the shed's platform leading to the door.


Added in the other burning tree scrap drum with the red flickering led to the base. Positioned this one near the lot's entrance where the workers would trim off the tree trunks for the buyers, and toss the scraps into the drum. Drilled a hole in the base where I wanted it and fed the led up from the bottom.


Placed the drum over the led, after drilling a hole in the bottom. Painted a small amount of spider web wool with dark rust color that will obscure the the bright led somewhat when lit. Did this for both barrels.


For that entrance area by the burning drum, needed to make a tree trimming platform where they'd cut the trunks. Used some 1/4" wide balsawood strip that made a platform about the right height. Painted it flat dark brown and then glued on one of the bound trees using basic Elmer's white glue.


Will move on to adding the lot's string light poles and coloring the base more with soot around the burning barrels and tree needles everywhere.


It reminds of my early childhood in the Bronx when I was under 10 (53-63).....the New Haven had a small freight yard on their line into the HellGate bridge. It was along the north side of E Tremont Avenue, opposite Parkchester. They used to sell tress off boxcars with a frame of 2x4s festooned with colored lights and a fire to keep warm in an old 55 gallon drum.


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