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Reply to "Trolley with reversing bumpers"

Stan as usual has excellent ideas.  I just though I'd add a few lessons learned having implement several trolley scenes on my layout.  I have two bump and go scenes and one dog bone scene all on Super Streets.   One scene is an automated 4 way stop complete with traffic lights.  Another is a taxi scene complete with taxi cueing running 4 taxis.   The one I'm working on now is a simple back and forth with a bump and go similar to subject to this thread.  My plan is to use a solution similar to that of Stan's described above.  I want to pause my trolley at a school mid route.  Here are some things I am considering:

1)  I found my bump and go scenes a little boring with the same reputation each cycle.  The continuous bumping operation is also noisy/distracting.  To mix it up a little, I'm planning on using a timer similar to Stan's recommendation that shuts off power to an insulated section for lets say 20 seconds every couple of minutes.  The timer runs continuously and has no trigger.   I haven't decided on the exact timer settings.  The idea is to provide a degree of randomness to the automation. Relay contacts provide track isolation and active school crossing warnings.

2)  I found it nice to have an on/off switch for the automation.  Then you have 2 ways to run your bump and go.

3)  The speed you run the trolley at needs consideration.  In my case, I was always like running the trolley at minimum speed.  MTH trolleys have better low speed operation then Lionel in my experience.

4)  Even at the lowest speed, trolley's progress over a considerable distance in a short time.   When I figured this all out, I was dealing in milliseconds, not seconds.

5)  Also, the MTH and Lionel trolleys are different lengths which for my automations was a consideration.

6)  For folks using Super Streets, I found that Taxi wheel base was an issue.  The Super Street taxi wheel base is shorter which introduced a couple of issues which required resolution.

7)  My taxi scene uses 4 taxis.  I found the automation was speed sensitive.  Three of the taxis ran at the same speed.  The forth taxi ran faster.  I slowed this taxi to match the others by inserting series diodes in the taxi.

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