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Reply to "Trolley with reversing bumpers"

These approaches are very educational, many above my pay scale.

How about this: suppose I place an insulated rail at the end of the line. When my Lionel bump and go trolley enters the insulated rail, it triggers stage 1 of a 2 stage timer: stage 1 leaves power on for 1/2 second, enough time for the trolley to strike the bumper and reverse. Then, stage 2 turns off the power for, say 10-20 seconds, then turns power back on. Onward to the other end, with the same setup.

Is this too simple?

1. What relay has such a 2 stage timer that can do this?

2. Any reason why both ends of the trolley line can't use the same relay?

I don't want to have to deal with AC vs DC, just something simple.

Any advice is welcome.


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