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I have a loop and a dead end. I like this switch on the end but would like to stop it by the nudist beach. Ideas?

As I previously posted, this sounds like the standard station-stop configuration for which there are off-the-shelf solutions...including as I mentioned the Lionel #132 station.  However, carrying on with the DIY tack, I had the drawing editor open and with a little cut-and-paste:

diy station stop multiple variation insulated rail triggers

There are different ways to do this but thought this approach interesting as it contrasts nicely from the end-of-track bump-n-go configuration.

In this case the insulated sections isolate both the center rail and the outer trigger rail.  As drawn there are 2 stations but there could be more or less all controlled by a single timer module.  The power is normally OFF in the insulated section(s).  This typically means wire jumper around the insulated sections to insure continuity of power (drawn with red and black bypass connections).

Here's the sequence of operation.  Trolley reaches an insulated section.  Trolley stops because there is no power in the station section.  The length of the insulated section must be long enough to isolate the trolley power pickups from receiving track power.  Trolley arrival also triggers the 1st timer via the insulated rail.  And here's the rub.  In this case, the stopping time is the first time interval.  In other words the 10-20 second stop time interval runs first.  Then the relay turns ON for the 2nd time interval which would be, say, 2.0 second.  The relay momentarily applies power to the insulated section  which starts the trolley exiting the insulated section and on to normally powered track.  Obviously this 2nd timer interval must be adjusted to give the trolley enough time to completely exit the insulated section or else it will stop again restarting the dual delay.


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  • diy station stop multiple variation insulated rail triggers
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