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Reply to "turntables which type and kind do you members think are the best for atlas track n big engines?"

JDaddy, I have the Bowser 32 inch from 22 years ago....It’s not near the same construction as the Millhouse or the Ross TT. I would love to have the Millhouse buts it would be simply to much work to change. We did modify the Bowser, added scale rail, a ballbearing 3/8 shaft, floating Bogies, etc....We use the PTC 3 NYRS Indexing system.  It works fine....If you use the big wooden wheel underneath and the friction motor, it wobbles....It was great for years ago, but the new ones today are much better.  Lots more money....1B2BA422-9497-4C0F-9DF5-2535CBEF445A2C2A3A06-9EB3-40BB-BA32-4C6F48284BF6F72916F9-6828-44FD-B195-348F7DE22A38B84BD238-A968-4CB5-A4BD-6A82841A7D8C8770705F-8874-44DD-9719-A757CA7DB4CFF683BAD9-7C53-4688-B973-811196C8072063846420-61F3-47AD-B1B2-CAFCD95CD66A


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