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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Ocean Sunset"

Hancock52 posted:

First of all, I am amazed at your commitment to prototypical accuracy and at the speed with which you are getting through a whole series of cars. Excellent job all around.

Second, I have been there - I don't mean doing a 3rail sleeping car but starting over when the result of detailing an interior is not what you want.

FWIW, my theory is that 3rail passenger cars, even the 21" versions, are really only a representation of the real thing, not a true scale model, so everything we do with them is a compromise. Window placements in most don't allow for putting seats, tables, washrooms, crew accommodation, storage or sometimes even whole compartments where they were in the prototype. I find however that most visitors to my running sessions will want to peer in the windows of passenger cars which have 3D interiors. In that context it doesn't work to cram details into small spaces - unless the windows are relatively big.

I look forward to what you are doing next. By my reckoning you should have coach(es) and maybe another diner/dome car to do. Any hints??? 

Thanks Hancock, I have 6 passenger cars in this K-Line set.  In the beginning I only planned on posting the RPO car.  But after all the positive comments from this O-Gauge forum on the RPO car it gave me the encouragement to post the rest of the cars on the forum.  I have been an unregistered guest on this forum for over 2-years but only joined last month because I wanted to give back to the O-gauge community.   I have seen posts from beginners like me to 1/48 scale master builders in this forum.  And the members here seem to help and support people with all levels of skill in the hobby.  

I'm just now finishing up the REA/Baggage car and will post that next.   It will be the last in this series unless I can find some of the other K-Line 18" Pullman sleepers like the Placid Haven, National Border or Western Star.   Currently my City of Los Angeles is over 13 feet long with the A-B-A hooked up to all 6 passenger cars.   I build one passenger car at a time and each car takes about month to finish since I only get time to build these interiors in the evenings after work.   Usually I spend 2 weeks doing the online/book research, 1 week to order parts & gather new items and the last week to build the interior.   

Next, I plan to dive back into the electrical side of my TMCC engines and fix some of the little bugs.  I have smoke units that stopped working, 9-volt batteries that need replacing, lash-ups that are bucking and LED lights here and there that went dark.  That's why I started asking questions last week about the Observation drumhead and overhead LED lights.



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