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Reply to "Update on Kohs Big Boy"

George diSanti posted:

Actually, Simon a product has to be delivered in a reasonable time frame or a refund is required by law to be returned. Second, some people who have reserved a BB did not cancel their reserved version but was cancelled be Kohs himself without informing them. Law I believe is that a deposit has to be returned in 30 Days if the company does not produce the item ordered or is not produced in a reasonable amount of time unless that law has changed.

Second - Key is not doing the BB as he can not find a builder to do it. Maybe has to do with rumors that he did not take possession of the full run of Cab Forwards? Maybe someone has more information on what has happened. This is what I am hearing from a close friend in Texas.

George diSanti

Where the Tar Heels rule!

Hello George,

I'm not an expert, or even a novice regarding contract law, but i"m guessing that they who fill out the Kohs reservation are signing a contract for GK to deliver 1 of 5 variations of the Big Boy, henceforth to be recognized as BB by members of the forum! Sorry, had to inject a little levity!

If reasonable applies (I do not know the law, but I would think it might not apply if a delivery time is not stipulated.) and if the production period is NOT stipulated, and reasonable does apply, then WHAT is the definition of reasonable?

As for GK canceling reservations, I don't think it would be prudent to comment without having the FACTS. Seems strange that GK would be canceling reservations on an project he is trying to bring in. Did he get a chest full of gold from the Sultan of Trainsylvania, thereby eliminating the need for all his prior reservations? Did the folks who were canceled miss a mandatory payment? Hard to comment without knowing all the facts!

The only thing I know about Key is that the factory they used in Korea burned to the ground


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