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Rider Sandman posted:
Norton posted:

Nice Alex. Who needs Legacy? 



Hey Pete, I suspect you’re being rhetorical, but I would love to have one in Legacy!  I been hoping for one at each catalog release for quite some time. Maybe I’ll have to find an older one and send it to Alex after seeing his video. I always get caught up in the cost comparison trap of debating what it would take to find one and then upgrade it versus waiting for one to show up in the catalog. 

Back to the subject, great job Alex and I always appreciate the videos you share of your work. 

Rule #1, if you can't get something great from the manufacturers, get something that is going to be way better. I know I am one of those guys holding my breath for a Legacy version, but if things continue not showing up over the next year, this will be my option and solution to that problem.

We can all wait till the end of time, but it is far better to get something that we know won't have a boiler leak halfway down the tracks.

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