Upper loop “base” material suggestions.

Hi All

I’m in the process of designing my upper twin loop which will be about 7 “ above the main layout. It will be Lionel Fastrack.

It will for the most part only be as wide as the twin track with a few exceptions  and will be sitting on a concrete pony wall for 1/2 of the entire length.   However on the remaining 1/2 it will need to be supported by blocks of 2x4.

I was originally going to make this out of plywood, but am now considering 1” high density foam instead. My only concern is if this will be strong enough on its own. Has anyone had experience with this? I do have some heavier engines but I do understand that the weight will get displaced quite a lot by the fastrack itself. 

Would make my work a lot easier if I just had to do the foam and no plywood!  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!


Gerhardt - G’s O Scale Trains ....  waaaay up in Canada 



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