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Reply to "Used DCS system"

Barry's book of DCS is the reference most of us go by.

I have tried Ray's wiring pattern and it didn't work for me. I do follow the rest of his advice.

I'd guess that it's the wiring messing up the signal. That's just a guess. We aren't there and only get what you give us to work with.

I'd say you need filters at the track block connections, and that's just a guess. I take my main loops and divide them into quarters. One pair of wires goes to each quarter at one end. A filter is placed at the other end if an older TIU is used. Too much track or too many joints can wreak the signal (and the power). Too many wire connections and/or using the wrong wire can also wreak the signal (and the power).

 You may have a bad or weak TIU channel. You reported back that you got a signal of ten with a piece of track so I have to guess that the TIU is ok. Something else is wrong here.

You could divide the layout and use more than one TIU channel to it. If you use one power pack, you just use jumpers on the TIU input side.

Make sure you are powering the TIU properly. Make sure you are using a proper (for DCS) power supply to the track.

What exactly are you using for power?

What is the exact engine model number?

Have you removed everything else from power?


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