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Reply to "Using a Lionel 153 IR with a Z-Stuff DZ 1070-40 Pennsy Signal Bridge"

@Joe Fauty posted:

...please double check either on the Z-Stuff website or with Dennis Zander. I believe Z-Stuff signals are made to either work on their own or with the 1070 detector only. This is due to the low voltage requirements of the signals. Dennis sells the 1070 for his product and a 1075 to compete with the IR153 for Lionel / MTH etc. Try calling 585-377-0925.

Will do.  Thanks for the heads up.  IF that is the case, I would probably the Z-Stuff pieces, and just use the 153 IR's elsewhere.


I'm sure that both Stan and I would like to see the terminal layout of your new 153IR that came with a 10/20 dated Manual. A clear picture showing the lettering of the terminals under that flip-up door would be appreciated.


Will do later tonight or Tuesday 6/15.

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