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Reply to "Using a Lionel 153 IR with a Z-Stuff DZ 1070-40 Pennsy Signal Bridge"

@Mike Wyatt posted:

I have it set up like that and have used it for 3 years or so.  But there are two issues

-first the overhead sensors are picky about color of the trains.

- More importantly- I have Fastrack on a roadbed with a wider than standard center so one or the other sensors does not center exactly over the rails.

So, I want to trip the signal when the train is farther away,  AND I hope the IR detecting method will be more foolproof.

FWIW, my personal experience, at least with a few years old 153IR, is that it is just as picky and will frequently fail to trip when dark colored trains/cars pass by.

My 153IR triggers an MTH Gateman, so I always include at least one light colored piece of rolling stock in any consist I want to trip the Gateman.

You might be able to test it (for color pickup) by temporarily powering up the 153IR without connecting it to anything; then run some different colored pieces of rolling stock across it one at a time by hand; and see if you can hear a "clicking" sound when each goes by.

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