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Very small layout questions

(Ignore my mess in the pics...I have a working basement!)

Hello! I have 2 questions for a new section I am building. It is not expandable and is independent from my main line. The space is 31-1/2” x 84”. Due to width restrictions in my basement, I run O27 tubular pretty much exclusively, but...

New area:


1. Will O31 tubular work on a 31-1/2” table? I believe it will although the ties would be right at the edge of the table. I am mulling over this due to the fact that I should probably add a rail to keep things from careening over the edge.

2. Is there a way to make a 2 level layout in such a small area? I know how to do it with 2 independent loops, but I was looking for a way to move from one section to the other via graded tracks. If not, it’s not the end of the world by any means. I’m not worried about space for landscaping or buildings or anything. I just like having the most track/train action in small spaces.

Main line - 14’ x 39” roughly. Most of this was inherited from my grandfather.




Images (4)
  • 40E79284-CCB0-4327-A86B-49190789171D: Main line right
  • 2EA7ACFD-B4C9-4BDF-9300-4C7F6B7EAA3A: Main line left
  • 654AB094-C2E0-4B7D-B0E1-D45C1D48DDC0: New space
  • 9E8806FD-8CDE-48BB-8EB9-D1B65DD868BA: Control bridge for main line
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