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Video, Z-Stuff DZ-1012 Block Detector Controls Two O-Gauge Trains On 1 Mainline

1. Overview:

  • This new video (#668) shows a Z-Stuff Infrared Block Signal Detector and Relay AUTOMATICALLY controlling two 3-rail O-gauge trains on the same LIONEL O-27 track loop.
  • This is probably one of the SIMPLEST methods you can use to control two non-DCC trains on the same track.
  • It just requires 1 "Stop Block" to be cut in the center rail (or either rail if using 2-rail track), and then placing the detector-relay combination at the end of the block.
  • Although the demos use O-gauge trains, this detector-relay combination should be able to control trains of just about ANY gauge, 3-rail or 2-rail — using AC, DC, or DCC track power.

2. Links:

3. Video Part 1: ("Delay From Front")

  • Part 1 shows a Z-Stuff DZ-1012v Infrared Block Signal Detector placed at the END of an isolated "Stop Block" in the center-rail.
  • The Detector's time delay is used to cut off the power in the block -- which will STOP a following train that is following too closely behind a leading train that just passed through the block.

4. Video Part 2: ("Release From Rear")

  • Part 2 -- using the "Release From Rear" method -- shows a Z-Stuff DZ-1011 Infrared Block Signal Detector placed several train-lengths "UPSTREAM" of an isolated "Stop Block" in the center-rail.
  • When the following train activates the Detector, the connected relay will START the leading train that is stopped in the Stop Block.


  • Although a DZ-1011 Detector was used for this Part 2 demo, the newer DZ-1012v Detector is recommended.
  • The "Delay From Front" method shown in Part 1 is the RECOMMENDED method. But in some cases this "Release From Rear" method may work better.

5. Related Earlier Discussion:


6. The Drawing:

  • The below image shows a photo of detector-relay unit, and wiring diagram -- as used in "Part 1" of the video.
  • Other drawings are on the web page that is linked above in Para. 2.




Images (1)
  • v668-fig2c-photo: Photo of detector-relay unit, and wiring diagram
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