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Because .... sometimes you just really want something.  And, are willing to make some sacrifices to get it.
Lionel's minimum requirements were sometimes based on tubular track, but the engine would run fine on the next smaller diameter FasTrack.
I had a 3rd Rail Y6b that would negotiate my less than minimum Atlas curves, but not the switches. So, I was able to run this engine around my layout perimeter, using wider switches elsewhere.
Scott at 3rd Rail helped me with this info before I had the engine shipped to me. Its also valid to ask the questions here, to get real world experiences from forum members.
86TA355SR posted:

Why you guys continually try to operate locomotives on tighter curves than shown in the catalog is beyond me. It's the minimum diameter (3R language) to keep the locomotive and tender from derailing.


Not trying to sound like a j..k. It also is a big surprise when it derails and won't operate on tight curves...HMMM...


There's 3 easy options:


1. Don't buy it if you don't have the minimum curve required.

2. Install the curves if you don't have the minimum diameter required.

3. Buy it and display.


"But, I don't have the room!" is the next post. Reality is harsh-Refer to #1 above.


Not trying to sound like an ###, so please don't take it personal. Black and white to me; you have the minimum curves or you don't: If you don't, then run smaller steamers.


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